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Bitter if you say so

written by: Tearful Angel

Those empty moments are tightly pressed into my mind.
Those random words uttered in the dark where I hide.
You think not much of it
But I do
You remember nothing of it
But I do

Those tiny piercings in my heart
Those tiny daggers to my soul
You don't feel them
But I do
You don't hurt because of them
But I do

Didn't you ever notice that something was wrong?
Didn't you sense the sadness
It was there all along

You were happy,
But I wasn't.
You had a plan,
But I didn't.
You were yourself,
But I wasn't.

All those moment and all those feeling you seemed to have stolen those emotions from me,
All those tears and broken pieces that u swept them under the rug,
All those days I smiled and did what you told me,
All those promises made, broken and thrown in my face,
All those kisses hugs and love lost
They gather like a bitter knife in my soul.
I'm hurt, sad, lost and alone,
-but we can call it bitter if you say so....


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