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They should have gone by now

written by: Tearful Angel

shouldn't these feelings have gone by now?
As time serpasses our live, moving the stubborn clocks hands
They should have gone with the wind
a comming of age story of how you would wake up one morning happy
no self doubt.
no crippling fears of whats to come or past regrets.

these feelings have no place here,
im no more a child , so why arent i more wise?
why is my face still circling racoons eyes?
why do i still hide?
lacking the words to describe these feelings inside me that makes me feel i should die.

shouldn't these feeling have gone by now,
with the change of seasons ,
why haven't i learnt to pack for the winter in my heart
why do i forget to wear mittens of strenght and compromise,
why havent i abandoned those childish toys of selfishness and whining demands.

i thought by now i'd be stronger , less afraid
i thought maturity would have been here at this stage
because evryone kept telling:
these feeling should have gone by now.


Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 5:46AM

We grow until the moment we are gone. If it was any other way it would be sad. But "racoons eyes" will become more calm and maybe large ones again too. It is a never ending story. I like movies and I remember a few lines from them. Here is one from Genghis Khan: "I had no place to hide so I stopped fearing".

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