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The universes cruel plan

written by: Tearful Angel

In the wake of every morning some sort of hope arises,
Bringing alive all those sunshine dreams you had of your future that lacked clarity the night before.
Some kind of hope now tells you ,you can have it in the new arrival of the mornings fresh air.

Delusions of new begins and courageous feelings.
As the day goes by
like tiny daggers against your soul ,
your dreams begin to fade,
The hope that so brightly shone
now drips to the depth
Like fresh water in a blood washed drain
Contaminate with this distress and sadness
Like a stained white dress.

Then comes the darkened night.
Alive with star lit fantasys,
But all you feel is the dread of your life,
As another night falls,
Another day gone by
And all that you hope has fallen to the waist side.
When the night parties begin
you are left crying there like an ode to your lifes miserable ends.

Then sleep comes.
And in the morning you'll wake to the same daunting fate
A rollercoaster ride of happy, then sad...
It's just a part of the universes cruel plan...


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