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Maybe i'll believe someday

written by: Tearful Angel

It's almost impossible to believe there is life after this
After the uncertainty, the constant raging winds and the heartbreak from being placed in a prison of your fragile heart.
I almost wish I could just stop here,
Give up here,
Refuse to move further then the foot of this rising hill that keeps growing higher and higher as I approach it.

You always told me I was strong.
Strong enough to overcome the pain and chains that so often found its way around my mind around my heart pulling and straining my every part.

Maybe I was,
But I sure don't feel that way now.
Now that I have taken the world's constant blows
Its stormy waters that drowned me for so long
Its scorching sun that burn cracks in the contours of my bruised skin.

It's like all strength is lost
and blue skies have abandoned my once bubbling soul
Burdened am I
Burdened with the feeling of neglect
Feeling of failure
Feeling of longing
Feeling of life passing me by

It's almost impossible to believe i'll make it passed this phase
I'll rather stop, drop, and maybe not get up.
I could just give in I could just let go
But I'll hold on a bit longer maybe I'll believe someday...


Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 9:54PM

This is great!!

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