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This time on my own..

written by: Tearful Angel

so you take your time writing words that don't rhyme
hoping maybe someone will find them some meaning;
but then you sit on your bed and you cry to yourself,
screaming "why hasn't anyone found me yet ".

then the dark pen comes out, and a blank page of doubt
that you seem to start filling quickly.
you write down phases and pictures of teardrops and wishes
and you call it "the exposure of your being"

then your mind fills with theory's and long winded meanings of life and why it has screwed you over and the universe keeps tapping you on your shoulder but you ignore it in your need for some closure

so you can let go of past, and let go of your failures and maybe move on to green pastures
but you know deep down inside that this call is a loss and dreams won't turn to diamonds
then you soon realize you are still here alone, coiled up in a fetal position
and those tears still run down your neck, and no one hears you crying
and those pages lay scattered across the paving where you're emotionally draining, but no one seems interested in reading.

Yes, your heart is your art that don't mean nothing because it won't give you no healing nor a fairy-tale ending.
now you left with a choice to lay here and stop breathing or find your life a meaning with the out anyone's help

so the questions is " is it doves or crows"," sunrise or sunsets," and this choice is somewhat unnerving.
but you know something big must be coming, something life changing
so today you ride white dove home, thinking "I'll succeed this time on my own"

and yes, this is a song that's gotten quite old, but somehow you don't mind at all because white doves and poems are all you have to call home,and it don't matter no more if you stand here alone...


Fri, Jul 13, 2012 at 12:55PM

brilliant!...I'm going to read it a few more times, if you do not mind...

Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 10:47AM

Thank you :)

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