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I always remember

written by: Tearful Angel

I always come back to that day
I remember it like a tape on reply
Each second clearer then the one before
I can't erase it
Why would I ? why would I want to forget those moments I learnt who I am
Who I'm not, why I'm not good enough.

I always remember that day
I always recall the words you didn't say,
The words you did say and your actions that had tons to say
Why would I forget that you said it? Why forget who oppressed me into believing what I should be what I'll never be and why success is just a unattainable dream.

I always remember us
I remember why I left
Took that moment to get up and run
Leave behind all we were or could have been
Take risk at doing it on my own
Why wouldn't I try? Why would I want to leave all the oppression and painfull moments that occurred like clockwork teaching me lessons some of which I wish I never learn't

I aways keep memorys I should let go
I always hold on to painful moments
I always remember my saddness

I'm now working on moving on
I'm working on saying goodbye
Taking these tapes of memorys and selling them for peace of mind
Trying a feeling of being free
Why would I keep holding on? Why should this remain part of my mind tugging on my heart strings reminding me of sadder days
I'm now so much better then I used to be.


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