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I don't feel okay today

written by: Tearful Angel

Humour me

I don't feel okay today

Nothing fits,mentally or figuratively

Humour me by telling me something new

Something different

Something free from blues

Humour me an emotion

A free flow expression of your heart

Of your soul

Of any part of you that no longer feels pain

Because I have no more "feels" to give

Humour me your mind

Your thought on things greater then me

Your world of make believe

Your thoughts on realities

Because I try not to think any more

Humour me your vision

What lays before you when you open your eyes

Your pictures in memory of moments past by

Your map to the future

That road your been travelling

Because I no longer see further then my own two feet

Humour me your heart

Your love for the lady who raised you

Who held you near

Your romantics and forever's in red ribbon wrapping

Your loves and heartbreaks

Tales of the women who stole it

And the women who keeps it safe

Because my hearts pieces are scattered

And I'm lacking the time it takes to fix it

Humour me a new beginning

A fresh start feeling

Of different place

New green faces

Clear blue skies

Or fresh sea breeze

Humour me your courage

Humour me your happiness

Humour me a silver lining

Because I don't feel okay today.


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