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new start

written by: babeestars

Lola. Lola Daniels. I used to be Kerry Tegan Mathews, but now it's just Lola Daniels. Can't seem to get away from the all the first names, that's what Harvey says. I can't seem to get away from anything me, that's why I'm here. Witness Protection Act. They make it sound all glamorous. "We're giving you a new life Mrs Mathews." But it's not a new life i want, it's my old one, before it all went wrong.

Harvey Daniels. I used to think the name Harvey was powerful, different, perfect for a man like myself, but now it's mine I would much rather hand it back. Harvey Daniels tries to make everything better because Peter Mathews was never very good at it. I was never very good at it, I wish I had been but I wasn't, so that's why we are stuck here.

Carrie. Toby says I'm called Carrie 'cos it's short for carrot top. I don't like it when he calls me carrot top and I want him to stop. I don't want to be called Carrie. I want to be Rosy like I was before. Mummy says I can't be Rosy anymore. She says it's like a game we have to play. I don't want to play anymore; I don't want to be carry. It's not fair.

Tom. I always liked the name Tom. There was a Tom in my class back at Shadory Primary School, he was my friend, but mum says I can't see him again. Rosy Doesn't understand, she thinks it's just a game but I'm older than her and I know it's not a game. She has to call me Tom now and I have to call her Carrie but she keeps calling me Toby still so i have to tell her off.


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