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berkoff style monologue

written by: babeestars

Oi lads! Fancy a bit of this? Want a quick peak?
"Can I buy you a drink?" Vodka and coke, double. "Whats your name?" Whats it to you, a quick fuck round the corner isn't reason enough to tell you my name. He gives me that smug grin like he's in, he isn't. Someone needed to tell him he needed mouthwash and a shower. "Dance?" Nah mate your alright, but cheers for the drink! Walk away, too drunk to stumble after me quick enough, find the next target. Boom. I want Him. Find a spot on the dance floor, giving him they eye, he catches me looking, turn away, but I know he's still watching, mentally undressing me. just wait till later. Soon the space is getting tighter, sweaty bodies pressed closer. Keep your dirty fucking hands to yourself!

Reposition next to the bar. And target is approaching. He stood behind me and whispered seductively in my ear, can you whisper and still be heard in a club? "Your gorgeous." So he takes my hand and leads me out. There's a slight breeze in the air accompanied with the smell of old men, pursed lips, sucking on their fags. The light is fading but I can still see his muscular figure and growing bulge.

So you want this? Every part. His lips hard and passionate but all I can taste is beer, tongue choking me. His hands are clumsy, fumbling to get under my clothes.
And he's getting me all hot and bothered, up against the wall, oh, touch me there, too much in a rush to care. Strong hands on my shoulders pushed me to the floor, open wide, hands in my hair. I gag. And this is pleasure? Just going through the motions leading to release, he pulls me back up again, boy make up your mind! I'm not a yoyo! Clothing's too much of a barrier for him. Soon the tight vest top that I'd spent minutes choosing is discarded on the pavement, skirt pushed up around my waist, knickers hooked round one ankle caught in my black stiletto heal and the thin material threatening to rip, a picture of elegance and class, or a typical Friday night. He's in me, that fullness I had been craving.
thats it? your done? hurriedly putting himself away and doing up his flies. Kisses me on the cheek and whispers in my ear, "thanks." Well I have news for you, you came too soon!
and so he leaves me, with my vest top on the floor and my skirt up round me waist, knickers caught round one ankle. Fucking useless!


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