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The eternal end

written by: babeestars

The blood droplet path lead my way. Nothing behind me except the soft falling snow covering my tracks. The sky perfect blue, littering the world with frozen rain. Every one different, like the human race, slowly crunching under my heavy footsteps. In front of me was the unknown. Each crimson teardrop a symbol of pain and beautiful path to the eternal end.
The snow was seeping into my boots, through my skin, becoming part of me. The path entangled with my soul. Searching the horizon, for what, I didn't know. Something was pulling me; tugging at my ragged body. Willing me towards it. The gnarled trees tipped and turned, reaching for my private path. Something caught my eye. A silver flake that did not settle, then a golden flake which had not fallen from anywhere at all and then the glittering object which was not a flake but part of the unwinding answer.
Blood stained it and blistered on its glittering body. Holding it, carefully at first, then gripping it so tight it slit my palm. I cried tears of red because I had found it, found what I was looking for; found what had been pulling me and what would push me forward. Found my key.
I could hear their voices stronger now, like they were channelling themselves through my twinkling object. "You are ready now."
"Don't stop,"
"The end is near!"
The voices overpowering my thoughts. My golden key burning my hand, I dropped it instinctively.
"NO, no no."
Came the chorus of cries. I rubbed the bloodied red mark before grapping the key and blundering on.
With every step the screaming became stronger, like a constant high pitch moaning in my head. I tried to focus my mind away from them; to forget their jumbled words. "Shut up!" Screaming back my legs gave way forcing me battered body to collide with the snowy ground. "Please, leave me alone. I'll do it. I promise!" Tears stung my eyes like the screeching voices were trying to escape. They would not go.
My vision blurred. My head becoming heavy with the ever growing weight of their voices. "I will beat you." I whispered. "I will."
The world kept on moving around me but I stayed still. I let the snow cover me, I let the sun rise and fall. The voices had gone; I could finally sleep.
My head was pounding. It bought back memories of the party last spring. The night had been amazing. It was where I met him. The next morning I had felt like this. My stomach churned as bile rose in my throat. At least last time I had enjoyed an alcohol influenced night. This time, what did I have? Muted voices. I could still feel their presence. But they were quite; I was winning.
My stomach clenched pushing the contents out and over the snowy tree in front of me. There was nothing unusual about it but I kept starring. My muscles contracted again, trying to push up bile that wasn't there. My lings screamed with suffocation. My eyes stung with effort as tears rolled down my face. Digging my nails into the roots below, hoping it would force me to inhale again. My watering eyes began to refocus. Pulling myself up on the branches above, snow tumbled down my back making me shiver. The rough bark against my fingers was a new sensation. Different from the chilling cold air or candy floss snow. It told a new story, a new path to take. It told me a new journey.
"Vicious lies!"
"Shut up!" I screamed at them. "I can make my own decisions. I know where I'm going" I picked up the key which I had once again dropped. The buzzing in my brain got louder as new voices joined the muted whispers. "I know my way."
Stumbling away from the deceptive tree I saw him. His eyes shone with an unforgiving blackness. He smiled a toothy smile, which had it not have been for the fact they were in dire need of a dentist, might have been cheesy. "Hello child." He spoke slowly, his voice a mix between sandpaper and someone dragging their nails down a black board.
"Who is he?"
"What does he want?"
"Go, leave, now!"
"I hear we have visitors." He scratched in reply. "Shall we walk and talk?" My mind told me not to listen. My legs walked on their own accord and instead of following my ruby red path I followed the lines made by his long, dragging coat.
"So tell me, shay" He started, "Who are they?"
We walked for what seemed like miles, but at the same time felt like only a few minutes. "Who are they?" He repeated.
"My voices."
"Don't tell."
"Don't tell him!"
"QUIET!" the mysterious man shouted. The voices dropped. For the first time I truly felt alone. Very alone.
"What have you done? Bring them back!" I demanded
"We don't have long," his words urgent and his voice chilling. "They're going to take you shay, I'm not too late, You can still be saved. Shay, Shay listen!"
"They're coming back." I gripped my hands over my ears. "Make it stop. Make it stop!" I pleaded. He grabbed my wilting body and pushed me through a door I had not seen before. A door, which a few seconds earlier, had not been there.
"The key, Where is it?" I lifted my hand to him. It was no longer a key but a perfect silver flake melted into my skin. He gasped.
"Save me."
"I am too late."
My eyes where no longer my own. They burned with rage, with fear, with future. With new eyes, came new vision. I could no longer see the man who had promised me a way out, or the door he had dragged me through, or the room which had been dark and covered in dust.
"You're free."
"We're free!"
But we weren't free. Caged in like an animal. Mirrored walls on all sides. Lights shone from above like the sun had moved closer and was hovering above my broken body. I no longer felt the frosty chill in my bones or the icy tingling of wind. Warmth ran through my blood.
"Is it over?" I asked "did I do it?"
His tender lips kissed my forehead. His strong arms wrapped around my waist. He lifted me, my feet unwilling to hold me so he did instead. "It's over." He whispered softly in my ear. "I won't let them harm you again." A single tear slid down his cheek. I wiped it away, his skin soft and friendly.
"Don't worry"
"I love you." He told me
"And I love you, and now, now it's done, we can be together forever and ever." He nodded.
"Forever." my head went light, black clouding my vision. My legs went weak and I shivered as the cold re-entered my blood. Brushing my matted hair away from my face he made me remember the moment I fell in love. I could no longer stand. He lowered me gently, not letting my fall like I had so many times before. I sat, encaged by his body. I felt sick, my head was ready to explode, my body unable to stay still.
"Forever and ever." He said
"What's happening?" I asked him. I was cold, shaking, my vision fading, no longer in control.
"I'm sorry."
"What's happening?"
"The eternal end."


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